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Weekend Workshop...

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A big thank you to the fun and talented group of women who participated in my workshop on Saturday! I couldn't have asked for a more patient or supportive group for my first workshop! I'm afraid I didn't get photos of everyone or their completed projects- so please send me some images if you have time! Thank you also to the kind Flatiron Studio mates for helping and hosting- especially Teresa Roche! xo
Artist and fellow SCAD alumna, Michelle Berg Radford.
View Michelle's beautiful Fine Art paintings here.

Barbara Bechtel was kind enough to make the trip from
Charlotte! Barbara is also a fellow SCAD alumna and mixed
media artist. Visit her sweet Etsy art and parts shops!

Barbara's Work in Progress

Barb Blair got right down to business on her bird still life.

Barb Blair's finished piece was incredible!
Visit Barb's blog today for better photos!