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Who's behind that Fantastic Window Display?

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Kyle Millsap and Molly Evans sit in front of their window display.
photo by Skip Terpstra

I have been meaning to post about this for weeks but got caught up in a sweet new little baby, guest blogging, and several more excuses. A few weeks ago, you may remember that Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler paid a visit to Savannah for SCAD Style...well, shopSCAD dedicated their window display to honor and welcome the influential designers. In light of Mr. Doonan's pioneer status in the history of window display and Jonathan "color me confused" Adler, well...designing a window display was a tall order! We thought Kyle and Molly did a stellar job!
detail of Simon Say's Window-thanks to Cuyler Hovey-King

Excerpt from SCAD News- April 20, 2009...
Savannah College of Art and Design alumnus Kyle Millsap (B.F.A., illustration, 2006), visual merchandiser at shopSCAD, is the creative genius behind the two eye-catching window displays in SCAD's corner shop.

Based on visuals and words that reflect the design philosophies of Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler, guest speakers at SCAD StyleApril 9, the displays use a mix of three-dimensional sculptures and hand-painted lettering.

Millsap and shopSCAD, Atlanta visual merchandiser Molly Evans (B.F.A., fibers, 2006) produced and installed the windows on the eve of the design duo's visit. More than 500 plastic chattering teeth dangle like a curtain in the background of the display honoring Doonan, and speech bubbles with words echoing his aesthetic hang in the foreground: "Simon Says: cheeky, eccentric, bold, irreverent, risqué, provocative."

"I used his column, "Simon Says," as a jumping off point, said Millsap. "Word bubbles display his colorful vocabulary, and chattering teeth provide a dramatic backdrop that was hopefully worthy of such a bold and visionary window dresser."

"For Jonathan I wanted to create an interior space with pieces that were indicative of his style, juxtaposing antique and modern pieces," said MIllsap. "His 'happy chic' approach to design allowed for playful colors and a whimsical arrangement."
Jonathan Juxtaposes Display-thanks to Cuyler Hovey-King

The window honoring Adler features large mod lettering reading "Jonathan Juxtaposes," in front of hand-painted patterns on butcher paper. Each of the five columns contains rhyming words that relate to Adler's "happy chic" approach to interior design, such as "lamps, vamps, scamps." Details, such as a silhouette portrait of Adler's and Doonan's dog, Liberace, give the design a fun, personal touch.
Detail by Cuyler Hovey King
"Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan have very specific design philosophies and seem to have a mutual love for words and language," said Millsap. "Both are visual artists as well as writers."
Cheeky kids! xo
Visual Coordinators for shopSCAD Atlanta, Molly Evans (left) and
shopSCAD Savannah, Kyle Millsap (right).

(photo by Skip Terpstra)