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Lundby Dollhouses

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I know what I want for Christmas! Thankfully, Jen Docherty shared this gem on her blog about the modern Lundby dollhouses. ( I didn't realize they were still in business!) They are everything I've been looking for in a home for quite some time. Maybe I could take one to an architect and say, "here's what I'd like, go with it!" I've actually been spending too much time lately searching for the perfect mid-century modern home for sale in...um, Indianapolis. We are hoping to be transferred there in the next year or two-so I am a little ahead of myself. I'd be pretty happy to play with one of these and continue dreaming....Working lights are standard! When I was little I remember thinking my grandpa was a mad scientist when he installed working lights and a crackling fireplace in my little wooden dollhouse. xo

Lundby Dollhouses and Accessories here.
Check out the parent dolls...they are somewhat terrifying!
*I just came across MiniModern Blog via Aesthetic Outburst!
If you love modern dollhouses...it's a must visit! *