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Mr. & Mrs. Smith...

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Around these parts, the enchantment of the May 9th nuptials between artists, Halligan Norris and Adam Smith is becoming legendary! Its given me another excuse to yet again flash their creative brilliance across the ol' blog screen. Photos of their circus inspired wedding celebration have leaked around the internet...but I'm waiting for the spread to appear soon in Country Living magazine! (I was fortunate to provide a teeny weeny banner element for their cake-topper which I am hoping might lead to cake topper commissions- anyone? anyone?) Click on the image titles to be linked to their respective sites. xo

Halligan's work...

Adam's work...
Brooch 018
Brass, antique photograph, beeswax, horse show medallions, spring steel.

Brooch 016
Brass, antique photograph, beeswax, bingo chip, string, spring steel.
Brooch 017
Brass, antique photograph, beeswax, balsa wood, colored pencil, spring steel.

The Newlyweds
Engagement photo by Josh Goleman