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The Constant Gatherer

Tim Wirth

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Check out the paintings and drawings of Tim Wirth. I met Tim while he was at SCAD...his work is one of my favorites at ShopSCAD. He grew up and is now settled back in rural Iowa with his wife and young son. An excerpt from his bio reads, "I like things like rock piles, cars stored in corncribs, and dogs running in ditches. I like the imagery of those things but I also like the attitude of those things. Sometimes I like the attitude better than I like the picture. Sometimes I just like the picture.” I'm always impressed he's able to exact so much sensation through his use of "deceptively simple images"...which is (again) one of the most difficult tasks for an artist. His paintings elicit memories (real or imagined) of views I must have taken in from my window in the backseat of the grocery-getter we drove from Arkansas to California when I was little. View more on his fantastic website.
Sun Drop
25"x 25"

Ok Baby
24"x 24"