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Laura Terry

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I'm honored to feature the work of a fellow SCAD alumna, Laura Terry. Laura is not only a painter, but she has served as an Associate Professor of Architecture at The University of Arkansas since 1999. Her abstract paintings celebrate the Southern landscape and are further storied by her interest in the fiction of its women writers. I must also add that this multi-talented artist is currently building an incredible modern studio in the cozy wilderness of her property in Arkansas. She's collaborated on her new studio or L.A.B. (Laura's Art Box) with architect, Bradley Edwards. Visit her website and her Etsy shop for more info! Thanks, Laura!xo
Split the Field
12" x 12"

The Melliferous Miss Thistle
12" x 12" oil and mixed media on panel

Bye, Bye Blackbird
Paradise Lost Series

Lace Curtains
12" x 16"

Ladies in Waiting
Natural Wonders Series

L.A.B. (Laura's Art Box)
almost finished!

L. A. B. entrance view
Will you build me one next??
She'll have to give us a tour when its finished! xo