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Pam Garrison's Sampler Work

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I have really enjoyed seeing what Pam Garrison has created with her stitching samplers! She has taken the beloved tradition and transformed it in her funky modern way...incorporating it in several types of design work...just see some of her projects below! And- of course, there's much more to swoon over on her blog and Flickr! xo
Sewing Machine Cover
(made from Ikea Pillowcase!)

Felt Cottage made in Charlotte Lyon's class at this years artFiberfest

Detail of Pam's Felt Cottage

Detail of mushroom on Felt Cottage
I adore her worn vintage sequins!

A stitching sampler she assembled 'just for fun'...
I think its frameworthy!

Stitching a Sampler
I love how she incorporates the millinery bits!