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I had the best time this weekend in Savannah visiting my friend Amy Zurcher and her family. We went to see Julie & Julia on Saturday night and I was in heaven...my best friend, a ton of junk food, Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, blogging, food, vintage Paris and butter! Amy also dazzled me with finds she found for me at Liz's basement sale at @home last week, a yummy lunch at Soho, and our favorite cupcakes from Back in the Day Bakery. We even got boxes of old photos down from her attic and had so much fun remembering...facebook friends will get an eyeful soon! Thank you, Amy! I am so grateful. You have reignited the creativity fire that I so badly needed. I love you! xo
Meryl Streep as Julia Child.
She should win an Oscar!

Amy Adams as Julie Powell.
I adore Amy Adams...if you haven't watched her in Junebug-
add it to your Netflix queue now!
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