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Soil...handmade clothes for kids

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I really need a little person of my own to decorate. The details and sweet styling of Ramona Danso's handmade line of kid's clothing and accessories called, Soil is simply the bee's knees! I really want to wear these things, myself! She does say she's open to custom and some adult sizes! xo
Library Day Dress in Avocado
I Love her mismatched buttons!

Sandbox Knickerbockers
Check out the sweet little button on the cuff!

Homeade Stripes Tee
I'd like the cape too!

Library Day Dress in Red
She couldn't be any cuter!

Soil is a small batch and one-of a kind, line of clothing and accessories designed and sewn by Ramona Danso. I adore the things that have been passed down to me from previous generations, and love that I can still wear some things as well as pass them on to my own children. This inspires me to create heirloom quality items that are reminiscent of storybooks, nursery rhymes and clothing styles from my own childhood and beyond.
--excerpt from Soil's (Ramona Danso) artist profile