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Amy at shopSCAD paid a visit to the studio of Summer Wheat yesterday and shared the highlights with me over the phone. Summer is getting ready to move to Brooklyn this week and Amy was lucky to sneak in one last studio visit. Summer is a fellow SCAD Painting grad who has developed an incredible method and style of work that I can only describe as new and spectacular. These photos really don't do her work justice. You must find an opportunity to get up close to appreciate her sculpted and sewn painting technique and be enveloped by their giant blanket-like size. Her work is on display at shopSCAD and if you're near Brooklyn she's going to be a featured artist this fall at Bric Contemporary Art. Catch her while you can, we think she's about to skyrocket into art stardom!
36" x 36" 2007

Ragdoll, detail

60" x 72" 2007

Granny Princess
16" x 20" 2008

16" x 20" 2008

I don’t describe my work as “abstract painting.” I see it as failed representational sculpture, and I love its failure. How can I make paint three-dimensional? How can I depict a subject matter that is more than its form? These are the questions that push me to abuse the purity of paint and uplift the awkward moments in human life. My paintings are full of messy human content: dorkiness, disappointment, humor and loss. -Summer Wheat