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feeling fall...

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Despite the fact that it's still about 90 degrees outside...I've been feeling fall in my studio lately. Over the weekend I met up with my sister in Charleston and stayed with her dear friends on the idyllic, Daniel Island. We trolled around King St. Saturday and ended the day with some yogurt and a mani/pedi that was waaaay overdue. Yesterday we drove over to Sullivan's Island to eat at Poe's for lunch...a fun place to take visitors. I took my sister this belated birthday gift. I'm not sure if it's quite the folksy/tramp art I had envisioned, but It was fun to make. I embedded the names of her family in with all the bric-a-brac.
pls. excuse the generic photo that came with frame.

Kinda gaudy, huh? I'm hoping its sooo crazy, that its good.

Anyhoo...now I'm working on an all white similar number for my mom-who won't be reading this as she's at an artist's workshop in Colorado! If your birthday is next, wait for it...you're probably getting one too. Then, this afternoon, I made this....
I had broken an old milk glass pedestal dish awhile back and it became the perfect little base for a new art and found nest. This nest includes lots of vintage millinery flowers and leaves, old lace and netting, glass baubles, an antique frozen charlotte doll head, feathers, and whatever else I had nearby. I'm going to be really sad when the day comes that I can no longer find these old spun cotton birds-new ones just won't do. xo