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The Constant Gatherer

Henrique Oliveira

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My friend Heather Wynn spied this article today on Daily Arts Muse (a great site I'd never seen before- full of handcrafted art and non-traditional media). The artist is Henrique Oliveira and here is a small sampling of his found wood installations. Watch the video to find out where his idea and the wood itself originates...its an incredibly clever transformation! Henrique lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.
Tapumes 2006
Fiat Mostra Brasil, São Paulo
photo:Mauro Restiffe

13.1ft x 60.5ft x 3.9 ft

Trunk 2007
wood and pvc 7.5 ft x 7.9 ft x 15.8 ft

Tapumes 2005
16.1ft x 15 ft

Tapumes, 2005 detail

Tapumes 2006
FUNARTE, Rio de Janeiro
11.5 ft x 75.6 ft x 4.6 ft

Tapumes 2006