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Well, that's partly what this blog is about, yet I keep forgetting to mention here (hard to keep up with all these darn social sites!) that I am now offering graphic design services...e.g. print-ready business card designs, blog headers, Etsy banners, and slowly but surely...website design. You can take a look at some of my design work below-the ready-mades are available in my Etsy Shop or send me an email with your project details for an estimate. Times are tough...and like everyone I'm feelin' it! So, if you're looking for a mixed media/vintage inspired/artful design for your sweet self...you know who to call! xo
ps. I designed my own blog banner and website (which is under construction as time and $$ will allow!)
I also did some rebranding for my friends, Greg and Aimee Talbot, owners of Eurolux Antiques. This included a new logo, website design, Etsy banner, business card, ads, etc...
new logo design

Initial Website Design-click to view larger or visit Eurolux here.
(You will notice some changes as another person did the coding here.)

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