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Katie with one of her Skunkboy Creatures

I just did a search of my own blog to verify my gnawing fear that I hadn't featured one of my very favorite Etsians and art doll makers, Katie of Skunkboy Creatures! I can't find any hint that I have although I've always told myself-yes you did. Well, no I surely didn't! After some serious deep thinking (ow!) I've brought up some repressed memories that the several times in the past when I would have done it- I stopped when I realized another blogger was posting about her the very same day! (end of sad long story excuse)
I've long admired the sweet homespun details of Skunkboy Creatures handmade (and made to order when purchased!) art dolls. For me- the enchantment of her work is in the recycled grey felt, her colorful top-stitching and the expressive button eyes-such as in little Suzette the Elephant. I imagine the artist might actually be a sweet little country woman making these for the children of travelers who stop by her little folk house. The details and colors are recollected from memories of her childhood outdoor adventures and the rare experience of attending a travelling circus menagerie that once came through a nearby town. Katie's real life muses for her magical and exceptional creatures can be found via her blog! *Katie also sings and plays a mean accordian...I mean, what a triple threat!! xo

Camille and Owly Owls in Love
Enlarge this to see more clearly her precious scalloped eyelids!

I'm crazy in love with Monkeys little green ears and stripes!

Owl Wedding Cake Toppers-Custom Designs
Her big doe eyelashes make me want to do it all over again!

Snail and Snail Mini-see similar here
I think can use the mini's base button to fasten her to your lapel!?

Robin Robin
Oh, that ruffled breast! Check out her
size in the first photo!