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Tombées du Camion

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My list of must-stop shops to visit when I finally make it out of this state is growing at a rapid pace! Would you believe I've never been to Tinsel Trading Co.?! I think that for a found-object-nest-builder like myself-its kind of like a sacred pilgrimage that must be made (ok, not really)...but you know what I mean?! I do about 99% of my supply shopping online-hence my long list of favorite suppliers down there on the right. And I still cruise Ebay and the internet like a fool. However, knowing that there are emporiums out there like Tinsel Trading...and this one in Paris- Tombées du Camion-simply makes my heart hurt knowing that I...can't....get....there.....anytime soon, that is! This shop is chock full of odd little found things in large quantities- just like its name describes- "things fallen off the truck" Their website is set up in a manner similar to the way the proprietor so carefully and artfully arranges his wares...see for yourself! xoxo

Photos above via Tombées du Camion website

Shop Interior
photo via Nouveau Brocante Magazine No. 2