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Aurelie Alvarez

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I am delighted to share the art and environment of Aurelie Alvarez. Aurelie is a French painter living in L’Isle sur la Sorgue with her partner and two daughters. She and her family live in an ancient multi-storied home-some of which they have preserved in its layered state of beautiful decay. Aurelie receives much of her inspiration from her surroundings... her studio is located in the attic above their living space. She's also influenced by Japanese blockprints and the theatrical wall decorations of the Baroque period. The following photos of her work were staged in her atelier and photographed by Aurelie's good friend and photographer Joanna Maclennan (who was most helpful in assisting me with this profile-thank you! Her profile is next!).

"My atelier is an essential vehicle in the creation of my work. Its an austere and authentic place which inspires me greatly and where I like to work and spend my time. It is a loft that is not insulated and is very cold in the winter. I have no intention of changing this environment. It is part of what I paint and I feel more and more at home within these walls. These are the walls that have been here for many centuries, they have their own history, depth, vibrations with layers of paint, which is peeling and changes colour depending upon the sunlight that hits them. They have their own mark, abandoned through time, witness to life, of which I now feel apart of. These walls guide me; giving my paintings their rawness. I also like working with the notion of 'dust', which stays like a spotless imprint, perhaps the dust of time that runs, a universal dust or perhaps the dust of my cultural heritage, which I attempt to reproduce in my paintings and my décor.
The notion of time or timelessness, also take centre place in the heart of my work. I don't attach or retell a story, only try to reproduce 'an imprint' that puts me in a place where I can dream and feel free. I am really transported by this place and I think that I owe a lot to this environment of which for me time does not exist. It is simply an invitation to travel (to be lost in another world)………" -Aurelie Alvarez
Portrait of the Artist- Aurelie Alvarez

Above photos of Aurelie and her work are copyright Joanna Maclennan.
Aurelie's work found via Poppytalk and Man Shops Globe.