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I've mentioned and snagged cool links from her several times-
so its due time for me to formally introduce...Pamela Buckley!

This is my sweet and talented friend, Pamela Buckley of Thatch and Burrow.  She is one of the loveliest and most creative girls I have ever known! She is a fellow Ozark Mountain girl currently living in Philadephia with her honey, Marc; bunny, Linus; and a few very lucky-found kitties.  Pamela creates all kinds of art objects-but her specialty is mixed media jewelry which she sells through ShopSCAD and her Etsy shop! I've collected a few of my favorite pieces below-a few of which may still be available(visit the links)! Also visit her Flickr album to learn more about Pamela and her inspirations! xo

Bird and Spoon Bracelet, detail
(Fun fact: Robert Redford purchased this from shopSCAD a few weeks ago!)

Note* This post does not even come close to being a worthy tribute to Pamela and her magic...I apologize! I'm visiting my family and working from my mother's PC-and having the darndest time!
Thanks for your patience this week! xoxo