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Michael Pfleghaar

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Have you noticed the work of Michael Pfleghaar around Etsy lately? He appears to be a man of many art forms including ceramics and paintings...and has yet another shop full of silk screened guy-wear appropriately called JOCK SHOP. Etsy led me to his website where I found more of his paintings and illustrative works. I'm especially enamored of his mid-century modern ceramic house sculptures and paintings. I'd like to move right in! He also makes swell bird and botanical related pieces that are sure to never fly or wilt away! *Note: The Fat Finch- my fantastic sponsor-carries Michael's Cardinal Birdhouses in her Albuquerque brick-and-mortar shop! Call to inquire: 505-898-8900. xo




oil on canvas 30" x 30"

oil on canvas 30" x 30"

Oil pastel on paper