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My vanity Christmas wish would be a retrieval of my body around age 22 and a closet full of these magical clothes by church & state. A girl can dream...or be re-inspired to get herself to the gym. A peek through their online lookbooks is a real treat...love the styling, the vintage details, and overall sweetheart quality! Found today via Daily Candy!
Current Collection:
25% off today through Saturday!
Items from previous collections...
(my favorites from are from the dreamy collection:
the happys. the sads. and the buttermilks!)

Back detail of The Delaware Dress- Fall 2008

if church & state were a day of the week, it would be sunday. if it were a baked good, it would be a homemade pie. if it were a liquor, it would be bourbon. & if church & state were a friend, it would be the best one. - excerpt from church & state about statement