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Holiday Festoonery from around the web!

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So many of my favorite artists and bloggers are dolling up their homes in the most creative and original ways this season...and thanks to Flickr and blogs we are able to share in their holiday "glee" as sweet Dottie Angel calls it! Here are some that have me swooning...wish I could climb in and admire the pretties in person! xox
Handmade Holiday Garlands by Elvis Robertson
of Lovely Textiles and Snitch-Snotch

Heart Tree from Wood & Wool

Fresh wreath decked with vintage bits and bobs assembled
by Ginny Branch Stelling of My Favorite Color is Shiny!

Dottie Angel's 'Whatnot' Tree thrills
me to no end!!

I think Janice has one of the most inspiring blogs
out there for diy craft ideas and of course, her supply shop
is stellar! Her bottle-brush table centerpiece is simply perfect!

Andrea from Hula Seventy decorated her mantle with
her typical Hula Girl candy colors! (Ok-this was last year-but
its too good to leave out!)

More Christmas past from Girl Hula!

Then there are these precious scenes from
the cozy holiday home of Mr. and Mrs. Nielson.

Thankfully NieNie reminds me of the most
important Christmas blessings!
Have you also been following the most inspiring
family of 2009. They are my heroes! xo