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Winter Nest Assemblage 2007

I've always been enamored with the idea of licensing a few pieces of work to be manufactured for a wider audience. While I'm not keen on the idea of my work being mass produced overseas...I'm AlwaYs looking for a way to help myself financially-or rather not be totally stressed and strapped! I figure letting a few pieces go for the sake of being able to continue with my artwork wasn't "selling out" to me. I also can no longer afford to create the small ornament type items that I so love to spend hours of time on! I finally had an opportunity arise where a large collectibles company was interested...I created a Winter Wonderland series of ornaments and assemblages that you see here. However, after three years of waiting, contracts signed and broken, hopes up and down, I can finally share with you what I was working on. The most incredible aspect is that I've actually received some of the works back in my possession-the ones they weren't interested in. I just hated to see them go to waste...so finally I can show them to you and even offer a few for sale in my Etsy shop! So, all is not lost and I can honestly say I learned a lot!! xox
Winter Bird Ornament

Winter Doe Ornament

Winter Bird Nest Bell Jar Assemblage

Winter Bird Nest, detail

Christmas Dolly Bell Jar Assemblage
(she's available here!)

Dancer and Prancer Bell Jar Assemblage

Electric glitter window candles.

Pink Pomander Ornament

Blue Pomander Ornament

Winter Nest Ornament