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Terrific Hats by Terry Graziano...

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How wonderful are these hats by Terry Graziano!!? They are all handcrafted by the artist in her New York studio from fantastic, high quality, mill-end surplus fabrics that would otherwise end up wasted in the landfill! They are all lined in silk, adjustable and can be fashioned in several different styles-depending on your mood! I love, love, love their vintage modern styling...which I believe resulted from Terry growing tired of trying on one too many tight and tiny vintage hats. I love her descriptions too..."It is the ideal hat to wear for all of your capers! Accomplice is a cozy cloche with a twist, a pleat, an asymmetrical brim. Look like a sweetheart one moment, a tough-as-nails broad the next, you'll only be identifiable by your unerring sense of style." Available online from her Etsy, Big Cartel, and Trunkt. I believe she also serves as her own model...and what a doll she is! xo
Fedorable in plaid wool

This Way and That
reversible headband, earwarmer, fascinator

Fedorable- in blue wool