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Happy Friday! I've been immersed this morning in the imagery of UK designer, the beautiful Eva of Tinctory. I think the biggest reason why I love blogging so much is the few minutes each-ok, most-day(s) that I'm able to lose myself in the world of another artist. I've long admired Tinctory's work on Etsy but only came upon her Flickr album and blog this morning. Here are a few of my favorite shots of her work, her natural dyeing process, and bits of inspiration. xo
The Wintering Collection
silk hand dyed from exhausted walnut dyebath

The Wintering Collection
silk hand dyed with hawthorn berries

Four feathers in progress

Eva's journal of a cherry leaves dyelot

overdying indigo with goldenrod and tea
i am so sad i missed out on this one...find it here.

mine to keep
Pretty Eva wearing a piece from her autumn collection.

ok...now back to work! xo