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ok, here's the beef...i don't eat it anymore.

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My new favorite blogger, Janis Nicolay of Pinecone Camp nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award- thank you!! I've been reluctant to accept these in the past...1. because I'm weird... and 2. because I'm shy...but I'm on some new medication....so here goes nuthin'!!!
Seven things you don't know about me...
(unless you are one of my oH, so fortunate close friends!) 

1. For professional reasons I'll never be able to reveal my hubs identity anywhere online. So please understand that I'm not just a narcissistic creep only posting photos of me around here...esp. our wedding day photos! He is real though... I'm pretty sure.
Don't let my crazy smile fool you!
2. I'm overly sensitive and anxious and and I'm finally really making progress on it with a fantastic therapist! I've struggled with depression since jr. high school and have tried every anti-depressant on the planet since...only finding some real relief recently with the help of my therapist and psychiatrist. TMI!! My secret cocktail? A small dose of Prozac with a tiny dash of Adderall...and presto chango...I'm functional again!
which leads me to...
3. I am extremely sensitive to the suffering of others...especially animals(somewhat obsessively). I no longer eat cows, and try my best not to eat or prepare any other factory farmed animals or their products.  A PETA (although I don't always agree with these folks!) video I saw once helped me with this...if you want the link I'll send it to ya. I try to pick up/assist lost or stray cats and dogs if I can...one of which is now asleep in my windowsill.
4. No matter how many times I have it done, I always think my next hair cut and color is really going to change my life. I have often fantasized about putting together a photo collage of my hair through the ages like they do movie stars in People magazine. Here's a lame effort....
5. I'm not all sad and scary...I laugh a lot and will do, contort, re-enact, render, or perform almost anything if I think you might find it funny. 
6. I currently live in my husband's former bachelor pad home that he had completely outfitted-floor to ceiling-before I knew him by the decorator at a lovely local furniture store. That said...it is not my style or way of life at all and I am looking forward to the day when we are relocated to Indianapolis and I can find myself an old bungalow or mid-century ranch to make all mine! (I did try a bit to incorporate my old junk- but its no use-and we have agreed to sell this house fully furnished!)
7. My best friend, Amy once duct-taped corseted my entire torso to fit me into a Halloween costume.
(8.) I lay awake many a-night reconsidering what I wrote the day before in a personal tell-all blog post, then I get up and edit. ps. Thanks for the kind comments you left for me...you all are simply the bee's knees.

There you go! More than you ever wanted to know! Now back to work, my heavens!! I'm passing  the award onto Pamela at Thatch and Burrow 'cause she's one talented peach and I always wanna know more about her! xoxo