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Rick Araluce Miniature Art

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Have you seen the somber and mysterious narrative miniature dioramas by artist, Rick Araluce? I am amazed by the details and his faerie-like craftsmanship. I mean, my apologies for stereo-typing, but he's a big tough-lookin' guy! He fabricates each and every bit of his tiny worlds by hand! No cheating with  found objects or dolhouse furniture like some artists. Araluce has spent years carefully inventing and honing his seemingly alchemic techniques for creating his miniatures. There is so much to discover on his website...don't miss the artist's interview with himself, and his urban installation series, Fragments of a Life. xo
The Loneliest Years 
The Anatomy of a Day (detail)
The Difficult Lesson


The Unwanted Visitor or The Disobedience of Nature

The Luxury of Abundance


The New Day

Scene from Fragments of a Life, East Installation
The artist has made several environmental pieces where he places
 his miniature works a real world urban setting...