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Nikole Herriott is a baker of marvels...

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and the peddler of my dreams! In my continuing series of major girl crushes, here is one seriously sweet and talented bird: Nikole Herriott of Herriott Grace. 
Not only does she work closely with her father to create the beautiful wood pieces available at Herriott Grace, she also creates the most magical of cakes and homespun frippery to style each and every one of them. Her blog Forty-Sixth at Grace is pure delight- her posts are tiny series of heartfelt, haiku-like gems that share insight to her methods and experiences. My favorite one thus far recalls her time learning from an eccentric pastry chef who taught her the real art of icing at a p√Ętisserie school she attended. You simply must take some time to visit her enchanting world...her blog, flickr album and shop. xo
found via Flickr and Poppytalk!
Herriott Grace Cake Pedestal. Cake and loveliness by Nikole Herriott.

Shortbread Buttons- tutorial here