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I was fortunate to meet another extremely kind and talented friend via the interwebs a few days ago...Toni from Simple Sparrow and her new project: one hundred photos.  Toni and her family are  sleepy sunny California beach-town dwellers temporarily living abroad in Germany. I can only imagine the shock her senses are experiencing this winter! I've really enjoyed  observing her adventures through Toni's lovely photographs and text on her blog, Waking Up in Bavaria.  I'm fasting today for a yearly physical I have this afternoon and I'm trying to defeat my wimpy will-power with lots of interesting distractions!  xo
Photo from her post: Fading Tulips

Photo from her post: Off topic just a bit

from her post: horses

Photo from her post: the frost i had been looking for (hoar frost)

Photo from her post: Our Swiss Holiday: Zurich

Riding bikes with her daughter to the bakery via their favorite path...
wish i was stowed away in her sweet green basket!