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The Constant Gatherer

a few new works and a collaboration.

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I've been making a little art in our hot garage. I'm not sure what I'm thinking working with hot wax out there these 95 degree days...but nonetheless....here they are. You can kind of tell I've got homes and nesting on the brain. Its all I'm looking forward to these last few weeks before we move to Indianapolis. I'm sending all of these down to shopSCAD tomorrow. xo
{This piece is actually a collaborative work between me and a little wren that had taken up nest in a flower pot right outside my window. It was amazing to me watch this busy bird working so hard day after day! I'd never had such a front row seat to a real nest building. Sadly, he (i think) abandoned it one day. I think there was a tussle with another bird or crow as I came home to find it all scattered about.  I was so sad waiting day after day to see if he would return. Weeks past and there was no sign  of him, so I collected up the remnants and added to his handiwork.}

Mixed media: vintage papers, ephemera, beeswax, wood construction.
Katie Runnels 2010- available soon at shopSCAD.