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Man Shops Globe shops SCAD!

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There was much excitement a few weeks ago when Keith Johnson visited Savannah College of Art and Design to shoot a segment for his new season of Man Shops Globe for the Sundance Channel. He was working with SCAD's design expert, Rebecca Gardner who presented him with a specially prepared showhouse of work by SCAD artists and designers. The displays were so incredible that I had to share a sneak peek of them with you here! The brilliant design team behind the magical displays are a few folks you will recognize...Amy Zurcher of ShopSCAD, and Trish Andersen and Maureen Walsh of Domestic-Construction. The new season premieres June 30th, 10pm e/p. 
{Photos by Adam Kuehl.}
The exterior of the showhouse - SCAD's Smithfield Cottage- was adorned with more of those amazing giant fabric lanterns by Karen McVay Butch and Martha Enzmann!

The porch was a showcase for the colorful pillows and puffy frames by SCAD's Working Class Studio.

A peek into the library reveals a surreal vignette composed of a painting by Gregory Eltringham, pottery by Irene McCollam, antique chairs and table, cozied under another McVay-Enzmann Lantern.

A peek into the parlor reveals a collection of handcrafted pillows by several different SCAD-related artists including Working Class Studio, Paige Hathaway Thorn, Domestic-Construction,  Amelia Allen, Lauren Vass,  Laura Davis and Jessica Rogers. Pottery by Irene McCollam. Handmade bowls by Christine Gentz (acrylic woven, left) and Kara Firstenberger (right).

The dining room table-scape is a mad, bountiful collection of artwork, design and vegetables! The original drawing on wall is "Cash for Gold" by Stephanie Howard.

Detail of dining room table display. Melamine Dinnerware by Working Class Studio, Silver Teapot and Goblet Assemblages by Adam Smith, Bird in a Bell Jar Assemblage by me!

Large paintings by Summer Wheat, Modern Lichen Lounge by Christine Gentz, Wall decals by Laura Davis. Ceramic sculpture by Monica Cook!

The Ultimate Table and Woven Chairs by Christine Gentz are highlighted by four hanging knitted Tree Cozies by Karen McVay Butch. Photo in the background is "Ribbon" by Jade McCully.

Watch the season premiere of Man Shops Globe
June 30th at 10pm on the Sundance Channel!