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Pinterest Etiquette

Katie Runnels1 Comment
The lack of credits and proper links on Pinterest really irks me. I want so much to enjoy browsing the site because I actually find it most useful! I rely on it for our weekly dinner recipes and I've started a private board that's helped me organize some things I'd like to do around our home. It is disheartening though to see pin after pin without any credit to the artist/designer/stylist/photographer/illustrator/blogger/whatever! Someone, usually more than one person, put a lot of work into that image and I believe it simply isn't right for all of us to cruise through thoughtlessly banking these images without, at the very least providing a link to the original creator/s. I am afraid I was guilty of this while using Pinterest at first, and it IS more time consuming to stop and make sure you've sourced the image. But it means the WOrLD and usually time and income to that creative! I still have yet to go back through all my earlier pins to double-check- so don't scold me- I'm working on it! But I will make a point to at least credit SOMEONE connected to the image in the description and link the image to a page that includes the original source information. Encourage your friends to do the same, won't you!? Here's my little attempt to bring awareness to the issue... feel free to PIN! (And let me know it you like it or not, thanks!) xo