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Barbara Berrada- les zigouis {revisited}

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I had to revisit the ever-charming multi-talented Barbara Berrada after she announced her 2011 line on Facebook and it took me on a magical ride as always! Barbara not only designs the les zigouis line of clothing, but styles the shoots and turns the entire effort into marvelous & heartfelt art experience. Visit her blog and shop!

made by jenni

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Oh, Jenni Harley...thank you! Your lovely creations and colorful imagination have inspired me today!
Jenni's handcrafted dolls are made from vintage found hankies, doilies, fabrics, buttons, even blankets! She also makes a myriad of other fabric goodies like patchwork quilts, clothing, pillows and more...visit her Flickr album to see it all! xo
visit the made by jenni shop, website, and blog!

Doily Doll #6

Ruby's adorable collection of her Mummy's handmade dollies!

Eva Magill-Oliver

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I've been fortunate to work recently on some design pieces for artist, Eva Magill-Oliver.  I really admire her clever mixed media techniques and the tangible sense of mood and place she's able to manipulate with them.  Eva is from South Carolina and only recently returned to Atlanta  to live after two years of living in Paris!  In addition to her Fine Art, Eva is a flourishing illustrator and currently working on a children's book project with her husband Whit, called Sam et Sophie- read more about it on her website! xo
36"″x 27"

10" x 8"

36.5" x 26.5"

35" x 26"
6"x 6"


 La Maison

 Les Alpes

 Visit Eva's Art Blog, Illustration Blog, and Website for more! xo

fine and dandy home

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I ran across these sweet home views of shopkeeper, Shevie Moyle on Flickr awhile back.  Her home/workshop and brick-and-mortar vintage store, Fine and Dandy are located in Cornwall, UK. No online shop, yet... (keeping fingers crossed!) But check out more of her yummy collections and views of her home and shop on her blog, Paperdolly. xo
I love her pea green chair and Cath Kidston fabrics.

Little vignette with found treasures and a miniature clothesline handmade by Shevie!

rescued sideboard with growing collection of Royal memorabilia.

Mantelpiece (in her workshop)

Makes washday look positively cheery!

Dressing Table with the prettiest pink and blue plastic accessories

George's Room- 5 years and a budding collector!

The shop- Fine and Dandy- located in Cornwall, UK.
Sweet! xo

Kipper Millsap has a Dandy New BloG!

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I've been meaning to tell you to be sure to check out my favorite Man-Craft Magician, Kyle Millsap's new blog: Kipper Millsap! Remember Kyle's adorable place from back when? He's also the Visuals Manager at shopSCAD...so you know he's swimming with creative ideas...and he's sharing them!! So, scooch over Mr. Oldham, and make room for your new bff....Kipper Millsap! xo
Kyle's own collage header shows off his mad vintage-inspired graphic design skillz! I adore his style!

Visit Kipper Millsap to learn how to build your own display pegboard!

Kyle's Millsap original bedazzled bow-tie.
Learn how to make your own just in time to make Father's Day Fabulous!
Kyle Millsap. Hello, handsome.
Kyle is the only man I've ever met who can completely rock
a brooch and he can show you how!

Sweet Jessie's Dreamcatchers

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I interrupt my hiatus to tell you that Sweet Jessie has listed several of her magical Sweet Dream Dreamcatchers! I asked her awhile back to pretty, please tell me when she made more and she has!  Check them out in her etsy shop and read her descriptions for more behind the legend of dreamcatchers! 
Sweet Jessie's Sweet Dream Dreamcatchers
Sweet Dreams Dreamcatcher 04
Sweet Dreams Dreamcatcher 05

Eye Fancy, Jam Fancy

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Jam Fancy Artist, Christina Gordon-Melbourne, Australia
creates these sweet-somethings using a monoprint process. 
These are samples from her Etsy shop where she sells prints of her 
original monoprints-smart artist! Love her fanciful blog too! xo

Party Nutkin

(BTW-this is crazily my 800th blog post!? What?! 
Thanks to you for visiting and keeping my art & handmade spirit strong!
I appreciate it more than you know! 
P.S. I'm working on some thank you prizes to giveaway this weekend-
will let you know tomorrow! xoxo}

one hundred photos project

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I was fortunate to meet another extremely kind and talented friend via the interwebs a few days ago...Toni from Simple Sparrow and her new project: one hundred photos.  Toni and her family are  sleepy sunny California beach-town dwellers temporarily living abroad in Germany. I can only imagine the shock her senses are experiencing this winter! I've really enjoyed  observing her adventures through Toni's lovely photographs and text on her blog, Waking Up in Bavaria.  I'm fasting today for a yearly physical I have this afternoon and I'm trying to defeat my wimpy will-power with lots of interesting distractions!  xo
Photo from her post: Fading Tulips

Photo from her post: Off topic just a bit

from her post: horses

Photo from her post: the frost i had been looking for (hoar frost)

Photo from her post: Our Swiss Holiday: Zurich

Riding bikes with her daughter to the bakery via their favorite path...
wish i was stowed away in her sweet green basket!

Lynn Whipple

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One of my favorite and earliest influences, artist, Lynn Whipple has a shiny new website and blog. I remember first learning about her work in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion years ago (I still have the article in my inspiration notebook) and it opened my eyes to new possibilities for mixed media. Her use of vintage photographs, doll clothes and found objects was different, more relaxed, whimsical and even somewhat mischievous in its use and that spoke to me more that any textbook assemblage artist I had known. Thank you, Lynn! 
 "I am deeply grateful to live my life as an artist. Play and discovery are my dearest and most constant companions.  There are a zillion tiny challenges in each art making experience, and so often I find, just as many small, sweet victories. Without a doubt, living creatively is the most enjoyable and satisfying game I know."- Lynn Whipple 


Artwork copyright Lynn Whipple.

Flor Panichelli Art Dolls

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I find these art dolls, wall hangings, and finger puppets by London artist, Flor Panichelli sweetly story-book enchanting! If I had my way, I'd like to have a frightening doll room like those dear ladies who devote an entire room in their homes to display their floor to ceiling doll collection...except my dolls would be handmade and less scary. xo
(the gang)

Beauty Everyday!

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I'm getting pretty cheeky over all the generous kudos recently from my favorite artists and bloggers! Today it is a huge compliment to be kindly featured by the talented Kristen Bach (whose InCrediBle home I completely covet-remember it on D*S??) at Beauty Everyday...see here. Thank you, Kristen!! xoxo
Beauty Everyday is brought to you by the group of talented artists, including Kristen, and fellow artist magicians at R. Wood Studio...my all-time favorite ceramic studio located in Athens, Ga! Did you know they have any Etsy shop for their other creative endeavors too? The swell bunting pictured above is available there! xoxo

Jessica Quinn

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I've fallen in love this morning with Jessica Quinn- a bona fide pixie-dust generator of an artist! Her Flickr albums have left me feverish with joy and anticipation- for what? I don't know exactly- maybe creating? Do you get that feeling when you see new work that just sings to you!?  She draws and sketches and creates the most magical of handmade dolls and well...anything she has a mind to! Her creativity permeates her entire world- the photos of her house and children are equally enchanting! Spend some time at her blog, A Twisted Yarn to see for yourself! xo

I love her tight curls and I'd like to borrow
her sweet green sweater jacket!