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Mister Finch

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I came across one of these beautiful butterflies on Pinterest the other day...but sadly there was no link or credit to the maker!  I just happened upon Mister Finch's shop this morning and the mystery was solved! Mister Finch is vintage found object/soft sculpture artist living in Leeds in Yorkshire, England whose bio included this gem: I collect fairytale books, miniature metal chairs and love to hoard things in glass jars. I knew I had found a kindred spirit, indeed! Enjoy and be sure to admire his sold collection of work on Etsy too! xo

Strawberry Swing Craft Fair- Kansas City!

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So, my incredible friend, Heather Baker, of Bebe & Alice is organizing a Super Indie Craft Fair to be held this summer in Kansas City! She kindly allowed me to design the poster- actually more of a collaboration in the end-so fun- and in the process I actually ended up with three versions. The one above being the third and my favorite. But she's posted all three on the Strawberry Swing blog and we would love your input on which one you think is most successful! I'm really hoping to make it down to K.C. for the Swing, Heather has planned for much fun and handmade goodness! Visit the blog here for more info on attending/vendors/sponsoring! xo

made by jenni

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Oh, Jenni Harley...thank you! Your lovely creations and colorful imagination have inspired me today!
Jenni's handcrafted dolls are made from vintage found hankies, doilies, fabrics, buttons, even blankets! She also makes a myriad of other fabric goodies like patchwork quilts, clothing, pillows and more...visit her Flickr album to see it all! xo
visit the made by jenni shop, website, and blog!

Doily Doll #6

Ruby's adorable collection of her Mummy's handmade dollies!

Message d'Amour

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The sweetly homespun details of Inge de Jonge's art and handicrafts have me reeling with warm fuzzy thoughts of friends and family today.  I believe she has a brick and mortar shop in Avignon, France  (if you are lucky enough to be in that region) and thankfully for the rest of us she has set up shop, Message d'Amour on Etsy!

i la la love laurie

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Behold the handcrafted wonders of Laurie Cinotto!
I admire her creative work so very much as well as the rescue work she does through her Itty Bitty Kitty Committee! I've been marveling my way through her glorious photos all morning! xo

Laurie's toppers are special in that her arrangements are created using
millinery leaves and baubles mixed with her handmade crepe paper flowers!

Laurie's DIY Project for The Bride's Cafe- The Fall Family Tree
The Fall Family Tree is one of my absolute favorites!

Laurie's sweet home...see her Design*Sponge sneak peek here!

A glimpse of Laurie's inspiration board.

Laurie takes the most incredible photos of her foster kittens...
see more on her blog and Flickr Album!
You can support her rescue operations by purchasing these sweet kitteh mugs through Laurie's IBKC shop or tell all your friends in the Seattle area about her wonderful rescue operation: IBKC! xo

Amy Wilson's Art

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Per my usual, I'm a day late and a dollar (or more) short on the latest goings on in the art world. Thankfully, I was alerted to artist Amy Wilson this morning and the clever tote bags she's creating from the remnants of her recent public art installation.  Find them here. And don't despair...many of them are sold, but she'll be adding about ten new original bags every week-the next update is tomorrow night-Wednesday, May 19th, at 7pm EST.
An Amy Wilson Original Tote Bag...
created from remnants of her large vinyl installation-see below.

The installation whence the bags are being made:  
It Takes Time to Turn a Space Around, 2009-2010
Digital print on vinyl, based on original watercolor drawing created for the space
Approximately 5' x 130' 
Located at West Thames Park (De-installed)
West Street and Rector, in lower Manhattan
(photo Katie Armstrong)

There was a secret language
watercolor, gouache, pencil, collage on paper
22" x 30" 2009

Jersey City artist Amy Wilson's watercolor drawings feature a cast of child-like female characters who communicate their thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams through diaristic text. Often deeply personal, the work touches on the inner life of the artist while addressing broader cultural ideas about femininity, art, science, and politics. In some instances the drawings become three-dimensional with the incorporation of cut-outs and pop-up constructions.

There are always such beautiful things paper house installation

There are always such beautiful things, 2009

watercolor and pencil on paper
9" x 12" 2010

Amy also teaches drawing and art history at the School of Visual Arts. Her work has been reviewed in publications such as the New Yorker, The New York Times, and Art in America. View and discover more on her blog, website, and Flickr albums! xo

inaluxe prints and papergoods

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These images from inaluxe fill my head with visions of the colorful mid-century fixer-upper we may...No! MUST hopefully one day soon find and nest!  I love the retro/modern edge of the artist, Kristina Sostarko's colorful woodland creatures and patterns! Visit inaluxe on Etsy! xo

Allyson Mellberg

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Happy Friday! Here's a sampling of work in several mediums by Allyson Mellberg. I believe the prints are collaborations with her husband, Jeremy Taylor, and many of the soft sculptures were inspired by his drawings. They are a mixed-media dream team! There is a really great interview with Allyson on My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses. xo 

Rubyellen Bratcher {Cakies}

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Here's a sweet little peek into the darling home of Rubyellen Bratcher. You may already know and love her line of felt flowers and crowns, fabric necklaces, and other vintage handmade accessories called, Cakies. Well, I finally came upon her Flickr album and blog and have fallen in love with Rubyellen and her dear family. They have so much fun together...and of course, its all extremely creative and joyful. I've really enjoyed getting a glimpse of their many adventures, shows, and special days documented on her blog... Thank you for sharing, Ruby! xo
The family room with the ever-changing chalkboard painting.

Two of Ruby's babies nestle in their parent's bed. The heart garland above
the bed was made by Ruby and the blanket is a vintage find.

The breakfast table-love her mix of chippy white chairs!

Rubyellen's cozy bedroom corner for rocking her sweet new baby!

A corner of daughter, Brave's room- Ruby made the felt light garland.

Ruby's daughter modeling one of her Cakies signature felt crowns.

The darling Bratcher family-Thanksgiving 2009 
(before they were 5!)

Rick Araluce Miniature Art

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Have you seen the somber and mysterious narrative miniature dioramas by artist, Rick Araluce? I am amazed by the details and his faerie-like craftsmanship. I mean, my apologies for stereo-typing, but he's a big tough-lookin' guy! He fabricates each and every bit of his tiny worlds by hand! No cheating with  found objects or dolhouse furniture like some artists. Araluce has spent years carefully inventing and honing his seemingly alchemic techniques for creating his miniatures. There is so much to discover on his website...don't miss the artist's interview with himself, and his urban installation series, Fragments of a Life. xo
The Loneliest Years 
The Anatomy of a Day (detail)
The Difficult Lesson


The Unwanted Visitor or The Disobedience of Nature

The Luxury of Abundance


The New Day

Scene from Fragments of a Life, East Installation
The artist has made several environmental pieces where he places
 his miniature works a real world urban setting...


NYrika Knit Coverall Hats

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Would it be wrong to have a baby in order to dress one in these adorable coverall knit hats? I think it might be criminal not to! They are handmade in a soft non-scratchy baby yarn by Nurika Y. Khegay in New York and available in her Etsy shop. Maybe I could wrestle one on my cat? xo

Leslie Dallion

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(hello friends! today and maybe forever i'm trying something new here! In an attempt to spend less time blogging and more time working, I'm going to be whittling down my inspiration posts to images and links and cutting back on my oh, not so clever repartee-and hopefully more sharing of my own process and work. thanks for your understanding! xo)

Happy illustrations and coordinating handmade goodies
by Leslie Dallion of Pie for Blackbirds.

(available on trinket boxes in her shop!)

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