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Oh, Golly Bard!

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Needing something lovely and light to ponder...I look to the talented Holly of Golly Bard. Of course, I'm drawn to her birds and nests... but am so much more captivated by her color palette and fine details. Watercolor is very difficult for me and I have immense respect for those who command it so masterfully! Her Flickr Album is packed with treasures...looksee here. xo


Holly's equally moody and lovely watercolor palette reflecting the trees.
Found here.

Eye Fancy, Jam Fancy

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Jam Fancy Artist, Christina Gordon-Melbourne, Australia
creates these sweet-somethings using a monoprint process. 
These are samples from her Etsy shop where she sells prints of her 
original monoprints-smart artist! Love her fanciful blog too! xo

Party Nutkin

(BTW-this is crazily my 800th blog post!? What?! 
Thanks to you for visiting and keeping my art & handmade spirit strong!
I appreciate it more than you know! 
P.S. I'm working on some thank you prizes to giveaway this weekend-
will let you know tomorrow! xoxo}

Artist at Home: Nathan Abels

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I'm very happy to share a few peeks inside the home of my good friend and fellow SCAD grad-artist, Nathan Abels and his wife, Lorna Cochrane.  The couples combined love of art and vintage treasures along with their effortless style is apparent in the thoughtfully curated historic apartment they share in Denver, Colorado. Luckily, some of these photos were taken before a few works of Nathan's were shipped off to galleries-so you'll see a glimpse or two of his fine art work. (Nathan's work is currently on exhibit at Rule Gallery in Denver through March 20.) {website} {flickr} {blog}
The building's charming exterior.

Nathan and Lorna have an ever-growing collection of artwork that they have either
purchased, found, or traded over the years. The painting over the sofa is an original
by Denver artist,  Kay Tuttle. The sofa is from Room & Board and the coffee
table is vintage Lane. 

A view of the other side of the living room reveals a large original painting, Overpass
by Nathan. The bench was a vintage find and the credenza against the wall is from BluDot.

Lorna arranged this artful still life that features more of the couple's art collections- a piece by Kay Tuttle (behind the candlestick) and a resin antler sculpture by Lauri Lynnxe Murphy

The dining room wall entertains a salon style grouping of interesting images from a David Bowie album cover and a vintage book cover to original artwork and prints- see the detail here. The table is another great piece from Blu-Dot and the chairs are from Room & Board.

Vintage no-maintenance guard dog was a flea market find.

An old hand-made ship from a Silverton, Colorado antique shop.

The bedroom is serene in a wash of white. The painting is an original acrylic on panel by Nathan called, Dénouement. Nathan was honored with the title, Emerging Artist of The Year for 2009 by the Denver Post and his work is soon to appear in the juried Western edition of New American Paintings!

Nathan's work desk.

Meet Lorna and Nathan! Thank you for sharing your home with us!

View even more details of their home on Flickr. xo

Julianna Bright

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I've been admiring the painting illustrations of Julianna Bright this morning. She's a self-taught artist and musician who lives and works in Portland, Oregon. I'm afraid I screen-grabbed a few of these from her recent show at Fontanelle Gallery-which was taken down before I remembered to record their titles- my apologies! Julianna has an Etsy shop and an incredible Web site to view more of her work.  I also found an interesting interview with her here. xo



 In Spring

Cat's Cradle

The View from Inside the Circle

Join Me Here

Sabine Timm

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Here are some cheerful images brought to you by German artist and illustrator, Sabine Timm! I adore her colorful and naive style...it reminds me fondly of Nathalie Lete! Here is a small sampling from her Flickr album of work including her sketchbook pages, original paintings and papercuts. Her paintings are currently featured and can be purchased at Sebastian Foster Gallery. Have a lovely day! xo

(the first time I've squealed over bunny poops!)

Annamaria Potamiti

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I found the charming narrative paintings and collages of Annamaria Potamiti while scouring Flickr the other day. She's an artist and mom living and working in Vancouver and a graduate of the Ontario College of Art. I was immediately taken by her folksy, free, and storied-almost journal-entry-like style. She sells some originals and high quality prints of her collages in her Etsy shop! Visit her blog too! xo

Aurelie Alvarez

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I am delighted to share the art and environment of Aurelie Alvarez. Aurelie is a French painter living in L’Isle sur la Sorgue with her partner and two daughters. She and her family live in an ancient multi-storied home-some of which they have preserved in its layered state of beautiful decay. Aurelie receives much of her inspiration from her surroundings... her studio is located in the attic above their living space. She's also influenced by Japanese blockprints and the theatrical wall decorations of the Baroque period. The following photos of her work were staged in her atelier and photographed by Aurelie's good friend and photographer Joanna Maclennan (who was most helpful in assisting me with this profile-thank you! Her profile is next!).

"My atelier is an essential vehicle in the creation of my work. Its an austere and authentic place which inspires me greatly and where I like to work and spend my time. It is a loft that is not insulated and is very cold in the winter. I have no intention of changing this environment. It is part of what I paint and I feel more and more at home within these walls. These are the walls that have been here for many centuries, they have their own history, depth, vibrations with layers of paint, which is peeling and changes colour depending upon the sunlight that hits them. They have their own mark, abandoned through time, witness to life, of which I now feel apart of. These walls guide me; giving my paintings their rawness. I also like working with the notion of 'dust', which stays like a spotless imprint, perhaps the dust of time that runs, a universal dust or perhaps the dust of my cultural heritage, which I attempt to reproduce in my paintings and my décor.
The notion of time or timelessness, also take centre place in the heart of my work. I don't attach or retell a story, only try to reproduce 'an imprint' that puts me in a place where I can dream and feel free. I am really transported by this place and I think that I owe a lot to this environment of which for me time does not exist. It is simply an invitation to travel (to be lost in another world)………" -Aurelie Alvarez
Portrait of the Artist- Aurelie Alvarez

Above photos of Aurelie and her work are copyright Joanna Maclennan.
Aurelie's work found via Poppytalk and Man Shops Globe.

Michael Pfleghaar

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Have you noticed the work of Michael Pfleghaar around Etsy lately? He appears to be a man of many art forms including ceramics and paintings...and has yet another shop full of silk screened guy-wear appropriately called JOCK SHOP. Etsy led me to his website where I found more of his paintings and illustrative works. I'm especially enamored of his mid-century modern ceramic house sculptures and paintings. I'd like to move right in! He also makes swell bird and botanical related pieces that are sure to never fly or wilt away! *Note: The Fat Finch- my fantastic sponsor-carries Michael's Cardinal Birdhouses in her Albuquerque brick-and-mortar shop! Call to inquire: 505-898-8900. xo




oil on canvas 30" x 30"

oil on canvas 30" x 30"

Oil pastel on paper


Monica Cook at Marcia Wood Gallery

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I'm kicking myself for not remembering to post this earlier!  Tonight was the opening for Monica Cook's new exhibition at Marcia Wood Gallery in Atlanta. The show, Seeded and Soiled will be up through November 28. I gathered a small but telling quote from Monica from the Gallery's website:
“{the figures} wrestle with debauchery and virtue, control and liberation, logic and absurdity – the beauty and repulsion inherent in each of these extremes and the magnificent struggle in our search for balance”. 

Sprouting Potatoes
oil on canvas, 48 x 48 inches, 2009

I'm intrigued by Monica as a person and an artist; from her quixotic imagery to her stunning technical painting skills-no other painter has ever impressed me more thoroughly!  More of her work can be viewed herehere and at shopSCAD-- and if at all possible be sure to view her work in person whenever possible! xo

Amanda Blake, revisited...and it won't be the last time.

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Caroline carefully arranges everything she holds dear.
oil on birch panel - 18 inches square

Every once in awhile a painting comes along that overwhelms my heart and leaves me with that wanting-so-badly-it-hurts feeling. (We actually spoke of this once during a critique at school?!) I saw this piece by Amanda Blake this morning on Jennifer Morris's wonderful blog, Spilling Beauty and felt just that. I think Caroline must be a mindful constant gatherer-the best kind! xo

Carrie Christian

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Congratulations to my friend, Carrie Christian for her acceptance into the new Southern issue of New American Paintings! I hadn't seen her work in awhile and was so excited to see her series concerning interiors. It hard for me to imagine just how she does it- but she creates a regular collage then painstakingly hand paints the collaged image in watercolor! Visit her new website for more! She also has work at shopSCAD-including some made in collaboration with her new hubby, Woodie Webber!
Dollhouse III
32" x 32" 2009
watercolor on paper

Dollhouse III, detail

Dream House
33" x 40" 2007
watercolor on paper

Dream House, detail

Interior I
15" x 22" 2008
watercolor on paper

Interior I, detail

32"x 42" 2009
watercolor on paper

Christmas, detail

These works begin as a means to gain control but deepen into a borderline devotional experience. All my life I have developed rituals to soothe myself into feeling I had some power over my circumstances. These paintings represent my anxieties while providing an escape from them. The act of translating each collage into watercolor creates an intimacy that mimics inhabitance. I am able to “live” in these works while I am painting them. Ultimately I am locked out as I find myself always on the outside of them, always left looking in.
-Carrie Christian. (thanks, Carrie!)

Laura Terry and Hboxes Opening Tonight!

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I am truly sad I can't attend either of these First Thursday openings tonight in my hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas! First off, Kathy Thompson is having her Hbox Premiere (remember this post?) at her studio just off the downtown square from 5-8pm.
Hbox by Kathy Thompson

And, just right next door...
Laura Terry and Heather Knight's new exhibit,
Things are Not Perfect in the Garden at DDP Gallery.
Just a Closer Walk with Thee
by Laura Terry
24" x 24" x 2"
mixed media on panel

Worn Earth
by Laura Terry
24" x 24" x 2"
mixed media on panel

Laura's new statement...
“The repertoire of the Southern artist has long included place…But the stage on which these are played out is always the Southern landscape, terrible in its beauty, in its indifference.” Sally Mann, “Deep South”

“…prophecy is a matter of seeing near things with their extensions of meanings and thus of seeing far things up close.”
Flannery O’Connor, “The Grotesque in Southern Fiction”

I am fascinated by the dualities of nature: dark and light, chaos and order, organic and synthetic, the beautiful and the grotesque. These dualities provide balance, shifting the pendulum of my view back and forth, near and distant. My eye is a camera, with lenses both microscopic and wide-angled. I look at the surface, then I look deeper, and the drawings and paintings are made from the most obvious and the hidden. I record the landscape as I see it, observant of these opposites, and I remove elements from their context to reveal their individual forms: uniquely beautiful, universally grotesque. I imagine their terrestrial origins – the seed, the root, the mycelia – as the paintings shift between the seen and the unseen, the real and the ideal, the ground and the sky. What is clear is there is no need to search far, no need to look beyond the garden. -Laura Terry

Meredith Pardue

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If you are fortunate to find yourself near Houston, Texas this weekend, don't miss the new exhibit, figments at Laura Rathe Fine Art. It features one of my favorite SCAD alumna painters, Meredith Pardue together with Steve DaLuz. Tomorrow night is the opening- 6pm- and they'll both be there to meet and greet! View Meredith's entire portfolio on her website...but know they are most sensuous and profound when experienced in person! xo

Pods IX
Oil on canvas 60” X 48”

Oil on canvas 36” X 36”

Pods XIV
Oil on canvas 48” X 60”

Pods VII
Oil on canvas 24” X 24”

Henrique Oliveira

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My friend Heather Wynn spied this article today on Daily Arts Muse (a great site I'd never seen before- full of handcrafted art and non-traditional media). The artist is Henrique Oliveira and here is a small sampling of his found wood installations. Watch the video to find out where his idea and the wood itself originates...its an incredibly clever transformation! Henrique lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.
Tapumes 2006
Fiat Mostra Brasil, São Paulo
photo:Mauro Restiffe

13.1ft x 60.5ft x 3.9 ft

Trunk 2007
wood and pvc 7.5 ft x 7.9 ft x 15.8 ft

Tapumes 2005
16.1ft x 15 ft

Tapumes, 2005 detail

Tapumes 2006
FUNARTE, Rio de Janeiro
11.5 ft x 75.6 ft x 4.6 ft

Tapumes 2006

Hayley Gaberlavage

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I met Hayley Gaberlavage at SCAD and fell in love with her painting and style...she fancies all the things I love-well, lots of folks love- fashion, furniture and modern art. She incorporates these passions into her paintings by translating them onto colorful yet moody canvases...my favorites are her figurative works that scatter into flat planes, patterns, and abstractions. Visit her website for more. xo
Dixie Cups
48”x48” Acrylic on Panel

36”x48” Acrylic on Panel

Sweet Music
14”x48” Acrylic on Canvas
available at shopSCAD

Avoid the Obvious
53”x75” Acrylic on Canvas
Available at shopSCAD

Retro Tile II
12”x12” Acrylic on Panel

48”x58” Acrylic on Canvas

donald roller wilson

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Ladies and Gentlemen... behold the paintings of Donald Roller Wilson! Roller actually lives in my hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas. I invite you to find out more about him by visiting his website...I just can't find the words this Friday morning...but, oh! he's got em' all! xox
Cookie was certain...

Jack was Intensely Nervous About it all...

Little Tom and his Half Sister, Judy...

Shane and Puddin....

Kathleen, Seeing an Airborne Symbol...

(I cannot find a title-but adore this one)

It Could have been Airborne, or Not...

Jimmy and Richard, with Richard's Eyes Popping...